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Dec 18, 2015
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Dates of the latest updates:

Spigot 1.19.2 --- October 9th 2022
PaperSpigot 1.19.2 --- October 19th 2022
BungeeCord --- October 2nd 2022
Waterfall --- August 31st 2021
Velocity --- September 21st 2022
NukkitX BETA 1.19.30 --- October 2nd 2022​

All updates to the [Latest] jar list options will be posted in this thread, to avoid spamming the forums even more with individual update posts when there hasn't been any updates besides this that day!

When updating these options to newer versions please make sure to follow the relevant steps given HERE!

Spigot 1.19.2

Please note that updates will be checked for a couple of times a week (usually Wednesday, Friday and Sunday - if no updates have been released it will not be updated). If more updates/patches come out that same day, after we have updated the jars, or on the days we do not check for updates they will be added the next time we update the jars!

The date on the JAR List option will be updated as updates are added, in the format MM/DD/YYYY.

The build/patch history for these options can be found here:
Currently up to date with Build #1053 (Bukkit), #2468 (CraftBukkit) and #601 (Spigot).

Current version string: 3599-Spigot-4aa5ead-aaf484f
You can check whether this is out of date (and how out of date if we're a little behind) here:
Note that if the current MC version is outdated then this may also show as behind when in fact it is the latest release for that MC version - if this is the case the bottom revisions listed will be for an update to the next MC version.

This is also useful to check how behind the build on your server is. Do /version to get your servers version string and input it at this website to check. If your server is further behind compared to our systems current version make sure to delete the server jar or jar folder entirely from your files and restart the server to update ASAP!

PaperSpigot 1.19.2

The jarlist name will include the build number of the latest Paper release, which are here:
Currently up to date with #220.

BungeeCord, Waterfall & Velocity

These options will always be kept up to date with their latest builds and are checked every couple of days at most (so it may take a day or two for an update to appear on the jar list).

Currently up to date with:
- BungeCord build #1664.
- Waterfall build #504.
- Velocity version 3.1.2 #184.

BungeeCord currently support Minecraft 1.8-1.19.2.
Waterfall currently support Minecraft 1.8-1.19.2.
Velocity currently supports Minecraft 1.7.2-1.19.2.

To use an older build, or a newer build we have not yet updated to, when needed you will need to upload them manually.
You can check their changelog and download any BungeeCord builds you need from their repo here:

Waterfall builds can be downloaded from here:
And Velocity here:

NukkitX BETA 1.19.30

This option will always be kept up to date with the latest build, as with BungeeCord this is checked every few days for updates.
Currently compatible with Bedrock/Pocket Version 1.19.30.

Currently up to date with build #1017.
Download any other builds required here:
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