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May 3, 2016
I wanted to run a server on an old modpack I like, the Direwolf 20 for 1.7.10. I downloaded it onto the server from you on the BN site and then edited the mod list via FTP to remove the mods I didn't want and deleted the appropriate configs and whatnot. It restarted just fine with no errors into a new world. I also have the same pack with the same mods on my clientside PC. When I go to login, it times out but the console says "Netty IO #5/INFO [FML]: Attempting connection with missing mods [] at CLIENT"

I have gone through the mod list and configs several times and compared it to my PC and I have no idea what it is referring to. On a side note: when I had initially fired the server up, there was one mod that I did forget to activate on my side and the console told me what it was in a message similar to the one I showed. I fixed that but the message read the same without mentioning what mod was missing.

Searching the forum didn't yield anything similar so any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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Dec 18, 2015
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If the log in message says missing mods then that is specifically the issue - either your client has a mods installed that is not clientside-only that the server lacks, the server has a mod installed that your client lacks, or the versions of the mods on the server compared to the client do not match.

Not really anything else anybody can tell you off just that information. All I could suggest is to shut the server down, wipe the files entirely and reinstall the version of Direwolf you wish to use. When it loads shut it back down and delete the world folder you're using (the name of the folder matches whatever you have entered in the World box on your control panel, "world" if blank) and the mod file of any mods you do not wish to use and note which mods you removed in a text file (you don't need to remove configs for mods that are not there - they're not used by the server).
Then reinstall your client and do the same - make sure it is the exact same modpack on the exact same version of the modpack, load it, shut it down and delete the exact same mods you deleted from the server that you noted down.

Then load both up and make sure you are using the right IP:Port.