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Feb 20, 2019
If I teleport to 10000, 100, 10000
is there some sort of extrac memory requirement OR disk requirement for using map space in that region?
Or is space calcualted by area_covered?

Basically, I want to go to a coordinate that players will never get to but I'm worried about inflating the map space.


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Dec 18, 2015
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Apologies for the delay in response - The forums aren't used that much and I've been away for the week. For faster responses you could post any queries you have in the community-support channel of our Discord!

It's all based on the generated chunks - the co-ordinates aren't important. The disk space usage of the map is entirely based on the chunks that have been generated (ie the area between where you teleported from and to are not generated unless someone actively goes to those chunks, so they were completely skipped) and how much is built in game etc... and the RAM usage is only based on what is being used ingame at the time (chunks no longer in use are unloaded on server restarts).
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