MultiCraft MCPC+/Cauldron/KCauldron/Thermos & JAR List Option Changes


BeastNode Staff
Dec 18, 2015
The Realm of Obscurity.
Due to an issue with the Thermos options - in which the mods folder was reset when loading the server on Thermos when it should be left as it is - all MCPC+, Cauldron, KCauldron and Thermos options on the jarlist have had their files renamed.

This will allow the system to differentiate between them and the Forge/modpack options on the jarlist, which will also make it easier for us to add new updates and options as time goes on that do not clear the servers mods folder.

What This Means For You:

If you do not use any of these jarlist options already then this changes nothing for you, and you can stop reading!

If you do use these options this means that any servers you have running on these options will currently be running as 'custom' jars (ie options we no longer have available) as the file names have changed and they may show as Offline on the panel on restarts even though the server is running as normal. The jarlist names however have not - You can simply switch to the updated option and hit Save at the bottom of the page if needed!

You may have noticed that the jarlist itself has also been re-shuffled a little too! This change itself will not effect servers at all, only changes to the files themselves effect servers, it only effects the list.

The changes made are that almost all options now have a precursor to their name to group them with other relevant options, and also name what kind of server they run. These precursors are:

'Vanilla:' for server jars that only run plain Minecraft:

'Mods:' for server jars that will run just mods (most install mods also, the exceptions being the Forge options which are for custom mod installations!). This will also then list the launcher it is for where necessary (so Technic, FTB, AT etc...):

'Plugins:' for server jars that will run just bukkit plugins:

'Mods/Plugins:' for server jars that will run both forge mods and bukkit plugins:

And 'Misc:' for options that do not really fit elsewhere: