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Jun 22, 2018
Here I go again, I have a few more questions. So, I got the Minecraft PE to work, thanks Richard! Now I am trying to set up the whitelist. I realize to keep it off until the kids all log on, then I can add them with their ip addresses listed.

1) What I don't understand is this UUID. What is it and where can I find it for myself, my daughter and all the kids who join the server? Also, the knowledgebase listed a formula to add to either the json file or the txt file. I'd rather use the txt file, it seems easier and no need for a UUID, but it also says it's old and the newer versions are using the json files. I read the article in knowledgebase like 5 times, but don't understand what to do. In the txt file, it says.....


Do I just make up the user number and player number as I add the kids? Also I assume not to add the underlined portion.......???? Also do I use their real names or the nicknames?

2) I added myself, my daughter and her friend on the players tab. I used their Minecraft Club nicknames as the "Name", myself as "owner" and the 2 kids as "guests", is this correct? I tried to add their nicknames and assign them to the actual player names under "Assign to User", but it keeps telling me no user exists. My daughter has logged on and it came up as my Xbox user name, so I changed it to her Minecraft Club nickname. I'm so confused.

3) There is literally nothing going on right now, only my daughter has logged on and she was just checking it out for me so I could make sure it was working, but my memory is at 54%. What's going to happen when all the other kids log on tomorrow night?

Sorry for all the questions, there will be more as I know nothing about setting up or using a server, just trying to give the kids a safe place to play together.



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Dec 18, 2015
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Sorry for the slow response - wasn't at a computer yesterday to check the forums.

For the whitelist you do not need to edit the file manually at all you can simply type 'whitelist add [playername]' into the console on the control panel to add someone to the whitelist. As for the file itself you do not need a UUID or IP - the guide on the knowledgebase is for the Java/PC servers which have updated how they handle these files and player names (The UUID being a unique ID per Minecraft account so even if you change your accounts username you still have the same UUID) whereas Nukkit still uses the old .txt files where you can simply add them by name to the file such as this:

Or add them through the console as stated above like this:

This will be the account/username they are logging in with - for example my Microsoft account for the Windows 10 Edition is 'BurntValentine' so I would whitelist that username, but if I was logging in through the Xbox then it would be my Xbox Live username.
If they are logging in via your Xbox Live account then it will be your Xbox Live username (I am not 100% on the specifics of the cross-platform setup - such as how the usernames work via Android/iOS - but it should just be their account username on the client they are using).


The players tab on the control panel is only for the control panel - this has not effect on the server itself at all and doesn't really need to be used at all. By default everybody on the server will be a 'Guest', which just means that they can join the server.


The memory usage isn't per-player - so the 54% isn't just from one player being on (ie it won't go up to 100% if another player logs in). This is the RAM usage of every process on the server. The bar on the control panel is also not 100% accurate - this is just how much of your full allocation the server has actively accessed since it last started up. For example if you have the 2GB package and it's on 54% then since the last time the server was restarted it has peaked up to just over 1GB of RAM usage with the other 46% being completely unused - however, of that 54% any amount of it could be free at the time as it only means the usage peaked at 54% (roughly).
The RAM usage is only something to worry about if it hits 100% during peak server times (when the server has been restarted recently - servers should be restarted regularly to unload excess chunks and entities and refresh the RAM usage - once every day or two at least). If it continues to hit 100% during peak times it may be time to upgrade the package to increase the RAM allocation. Again however, when it says 100% on the meter it doesn't mean 100% is in use it just means the usage peaked very close to the limits since the last restart, but any amount of it could be free at the time - If the server actually goes over it's RAM allocation it will crash and give OutOfMemory errors in the console.

I hope that makes sense? If you do have any worries about the servers usage or anything we can check the server itself over directly, see if there is anything playing up or anything that could be done to improve it etc..., if you send us a support ticket requesting it just for peace of mind if nothing else.