MultiCraft MultiCraft Has Updated!


BeastNode Staff
Dec 18, 2015
The Realm of Obscurity.
MultiCraft has had a face lift!
And with that face lift comes a few tweaks and features that were not present before. A quick run down of these changes are as follows:

- Your console will now go from the bottom up, instead of backwards as it used to - so new lines are at the bottom above the text field. It will also highlight important parts (such as the words WARN, INFO and ERROR at the start of a line to make them stand out) to make things a bit easier to see when needed.

- There is now a Memory meter in the 'Resource Usage' section of your panel, along with the usual CPU and Disk Space Usage meters, which will give you a good indication of how much of your RAM is now in use. Plugins that give detailed results (such as Essentials' /gc command) will be more accurate, as this meter only gives you a percentage, but this is a correct reading so this will help with noting if RAM is the issue when your server is having problems running efficiently!

- The 'Players' page has made a return!
Note that the 'Role' column is their role on your control panel so they will simply be listed as 'Default Role' - this will not list in game ranks that have been set up but if you click on their name there are a few options that can be set (more for reference than anything - again the Role is for the control panel only so this should not be changed unless necessary - the Assign to User is also to assign that in game player to yourself or a sub user you have on your control panel), you can give them general Minecraft items from the drop down list, teleport them around and can see when they were last online and the IP they were logged in with (if needed for IP bans, as it's quicker than going through the logs!).

- A plugin installer has also returned (under the Files submenu)!
This can pull plugins from and SpigotMC for Java/PC servers, and PocketMine and Poggit for Nukkit servers, and has a number of features that the old BukGet installer lacked such as showing what MC version the build of the plugin that is selected is marked for (note that it won't be 100% accurate, it's what the developers/site allowed it to show as when it was put up - for example it will only show as one MC version, but may be compatible with multiple, or newer MC versions than it is listed for) and allows for older builds to be selected as well, not just the most recent.

Note however that manual installations are always going to be the recommended method of plugin installation - particularly for things such as EssentialsX where you should be using their development builds which won't be on the quick install list, or sub jars such as EssentialsXChat etc.. - this just makes things a lot quicker where possible. It will also be recommended, even if you are using the quick installations, to go to that plugins page on the chosen site and read through their information in full, and double check for the version you need there (as it may be more detailed as to whether it's cross-version compatible) before installing the plugin.

As with any updates there may be things that we have missed/overlooked or that aren't 100% correct - If you do happen to see anything that is incorrect or that doesn't seem to be working as it should please let us know via a support ticket and we will look into it as soon as we can!

There are also a few things to note that the updated panel does/can not resolve from the previous version.
If you have plugins installed that edit the chat layout then the chat will most likely be shown in the Console, and not on the Chat page. The same applies if you have a plugin that edits the console output of player log in/out events the control panel may not register if a player has joined or left the server.
There isn't anything that can really be done about this as this is simply how the control panel reads and processes information - if the console output of that information is edited the control panel may no longer recognise it.