Noctus - Creative (Massive plots + WorldEdit) Survival (Town, economics, shops) Minigames and more!

Noctus Server

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Oct 13, 2016

Come to join the best Semi Vanilla Survival Server! We offer a quick start to play survival and to run on a lag free server!

We're a fun, hardworking group who believes in amazing service, having fun, and giving every player a memorable experience. We focus on professional staff who are qualified for the job. Our dedicated servers ensures that the server is 24/7 and LAGG FREE. We are user-friendly server and prioritize this very high.

Our Semi Vanilla server is easy to use:

1) Join IP:

2) Do /rspawn Wild (Random teleport 3000-20.000 blocks away from spawn!)

3) Claim your protected area using a protection stone.

That’s it! It’s so easy. On Noctus we focus on having high quality servers and amazing players. We have staff on 24/7 which ensures there is not spammers/griefers.

You get x2 /sethomes so you can get back to your protected claim and use the other one for amazing biomes or farms! We also offer /tpa and a lot of other usefull commands.

We have an economic system so that you can buy a town when you get enough money! In towns you can sell plots to other players, make big farms, casino! The only limit is your fantasy.

Griefing/Stealing is allowed outside protected claims!

There is always someone to play with, and within the first 2 months we have had over 6000 unique players joined! We have so much to offer! Come and check us out – You wont regret. Come and join the fun at:


Rules/information can be found on

Good luck, and Good building!!!

Best Regards Noctus Staff