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Aug 5, 2020
NostalgiaCraft is the Minecraft survival server you've always been looking for!

Check out our short trailer:

We started NostalgiaCraft because we wanted a fun community based public server where you could enjoy the game during these tough times, and wanted to share our love of the game with you. We believe that vanilla Minecraft isn't necessarily the best for multiplayer, so we have made a few quality of life changes:

- All players get one home
- Death coordinates
- Ability to teleport to spawn for community interaction
- Ability to toggle phantom spawning
- No vanilla gameplay modifications



NostalgiaCraft takes Minecraft back to its roots. It's a survival server with no claims, no fancy plugins, and few rules. Not many servers give you the freedom that NostalgiaCraft does. On NostalgiaCraft, you play how you want to play.

Simple Rules:
- No Griefing (all griefs are rolled back with no permanent damage)
- No Hacking
- No Toxicity
- Stealing and PvP are allowed

If you have any questions regarding anything in-game or what, never be afraid to reach out on our discord. We will always put the players first.