One Server - 2 Different Modpacks/worlds

Kevin O'F

New Member
Dec 20, 2018
This might be a support question, but I thought I'd sign up and ask it here first.

I have a server, and am running one Modpack on it atm, can I install an entirely different Modpack and create an entirely new world and swap between them, but only having one world going at a time. Reason I ask this is I have one group that wants to progress at the same time, and when that group can't play, the rest of the time I could swap it to the other Modpack and let peple progress at their own pace in a different world and mod (the Two Modpacks are Resonant Rise and Sevtech). I've seen people wanting to connect two servers up with two different modpacks, that is not what I am looking to do, I just wanna set it up so that I can either find a plug in that will auto-switch between the two modpack worlds, or manually change between the two.


BeastNode Staff
Dec 18, 2015
The Realm of Obscurity.
If you have the available disk space to store both worlds, yes.

As an example if you had SevTech set up now with a world named 'Sev' (what's written in the World box on the control panel) and wished to switch you would select ResonantRise on the jar list and enter a new world name in the World box, say 'Resonant' for example, save changes at the bottom of the page and restart the server.
To switch back you'd simply select SevTech again, set the World box to `Sev`, save changes at the bottom of the page and restart the server and vice versa.

Note however that the ResonantRise option on the jar list does not come with any optional mods - if you wanted to use the optional mods (ie Recurrent Complex or Roguelike Dungeons) then you would have a slightly harder time of swapping over.
For example if you were on SevTech and wanted to swap to ResonantRise but with some of the optional mods you would need to select ResonantRise, enter a junk name in the World box (not the world you plan on using, a third world specifically for this step) and save changes and restart the server. You would then need to upload the optional mods you wish to use to the servers mods folder, then enter the correct world name in the World box, save changes and restart again.
The extra/junk world step would be required each time you switched back to ResonantRise in this case as a world you plan on using should always be loaded with the correct set of mods - if you generate the world without the mods and then add them, or after you've used it once if you switched to ResonantRise and loaded the world you are actively using before adding the optional mods back to the server, then it will cause issues in that world.

The same would apply to any modpack that you are adding optional mods to, or adding your own custom mods to.