Performance Vanilla Network [semi vanilla] [vanilla] [pure vanilla] [creative] [hardcore]


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Sep 22, 2019
33 is a performance-focused vanilla network featuring genre's such as Semi Vanilla, Pure Vanilla PvP, Vanilla PvE, Creative and Hardcore. All servers come standard with epic world borders, no build limits and vanilla game mechanics that are frequently rare in the multiplayer world of Minecraft, such as vanilla mob spawn rates, vanilla mob spawn and despawn ranges, tracking and activation ranges, plus many more vanilla mechanics that are often disabled, such as armor stand gravity and chest-cat detection. We achieve this by running our servers on high end, overclocked hardware and optimized software.

Semi Vanilla PvP/PvE (Paper): Hard difficulty, Land claims, set homes, tpa, multiplayer sleep and trade shops

Vanilla PvE (Paper): Medium difficulty, Land claims, random spawn, no teleports

Pure Vanilla PvP (Spigot): Hard difficulty, no game-changing plugins, random spawn, semi-anarchy

True Hardcore PvP (Spigot): Permanent ban on death (non-negotiable), no game-changing plugins, random spawn, semi-anarchy

Creative PvP/PvE (Paper): All 4 Gamemodes, medium difficulty, land claims, all of world edit (claimed land only)

There is no pay to win, vote to win, in game economy or ranking system. Be prepared to survive the old fashioned way.