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Dec 18, 2015
The Realm of Obscurity.
That is correct - We now have a public discord that anybody that wishes can join!

Whether you need help with something and wish to extend the questions beyond our own staff to the rest of the BeastNode community (much like the forums themselves but with faster responses!) or if you just want to have a general conversation with people from the community, come and join us!

The general rules for the discord are pinned in the #welcome channel, but for those that want to know before joining:

BeastNode Discord Rules:
1. Respect - Be respectful to everyone in this discord.
2. No NSFW - PG13, people of all ages run servers.
3. No Trolling - Acting stupid, trashy posts missbehaving will be seen as such.
4. No spam - We don't spam you, so don't spam.
5. Clean usernames - Keep your name clean and respectful.
6. No illegal material No piracy links of any kind.
7. No bots allowed - Only our bots. Any unauthorised bots will be banned.
8. No ban evading - Just move on.
9. No selling - This isn't a marketplace. Find somewhere else.
10. No impersonation - No matter who you are trying to impersonate, don't do it.
11. Minimal Advertising - Keep it in #ads
12. Private Information - DO NOT share client information or MultiCraft logins here. Keep that for support tickets.

To join us over on Discord you just need to click here!!
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