Resetting the Nether/End


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May 1, 2019

I recently upgraded to Vanilla 1.14 from Spigot 1.13.2 and discovered that my Nether had been reset. The overworld is exactly the same and loads all chunks fine. However, having the nether wiped isn't so much of a problem, as my friends and I were planning on resetting it anyway after updating.

However, my sever is still taking up the same amount of memory, leading me to believe that the original file is still saved somewhere and I'm still storing *both* files. If I wanted to just delete the Nether file(s) outright, how would I go about doing this? Would I just go to the FTP file access and delete the entire [worldname]_nether directory folder?

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Dec 18, 2015
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The memory usage is not relevant as to whether the worlds are still loading in or not - Vanilla 1.14 uses a lot of RAM and CPU, and in general is not stable. Anything not loaded on the server is not using any RAM at all, only disk space.

Spigot does not load the nether and end from the same folders as Vanilla. Vanilla loads them from the /[world name]/DIM1/ and /[world name]/DIM-1/ directories, Spigot loads them from the /[world name]_nether/ and /[world name]_the_end/ directories. When you switched to Vanilla the /[world name]_nether/ and /[world name]_the_end/ directories are no longer being loaded by the server at all, and a new Nether and End were generated in the folders Vanilla loads them from.

If you're never going to want to load the End/Nether you were using on Spigot 1.13.2 then yes, you can delete the /[world name]_nether/ and /[world name]_the_end/ directories.
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