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    SiegeWarsMC is a newly reopened server that has been upgraded to Minecraft 1.14.4. Siegewarsmc is a great place to come and play we offer a great survival experience with a twist, We have ships with the ships you can custom create them and fly the world travel or pirate and siege the other ships in the sky's above. Along with the enjoyment of ships and some great building with friends we offer some fun and exciting things to do on the server with your friends. We offer 2 worlds, Main world is a PVP / Sieging world but World 2 is a true survival world PVP free with all the same plugins. This will give players the options to play in all worlds and chose if they want to PVP or not, all systems are cross server.

    • Fully working Dungeons run them at your own risk or join the fight with some friends and find some great loot.

    • PVP arena with custom games at the ready, select from - Free for all / Battle grounds / Paintball / Team Death match

    • Custom built shopping villages for player run shops running a great shopping system with full tracking of sales and inventory

    • Ships, The ships plugin allows players to great airships to fly the sky's and travel to great areas around the map.

    • Cannons, We offer working cannons want to have some great air battles add them to your airships and duel other players in the air.

    • Custom Bows, We have a custom built plugin that offers some of the funnest bows around from the lightning bow to the fire bow we have plenty options to have a good time with bows.

    • Looking for a great place to build a village with your friends and show off your work we offer claims and grief prevention, protect your builds and items no need to worrie about theft or griefing.

    • Pets, We offer the pets plugin looking to have some fury friends on the server well catch them all, train them with different sets of skills.

    • Vote crate with custom Lore items.

    • Bounties - This is a plugin we use to place a bounty on a players head. view the bounty list and go after the player for the kill to collect the cash on his head.

    • No Hacked Clients

    • Mods Allowed - Optifine/optifabric , MiniMap.

    • No intentional lag machines, as well as too many entities for no given reason.

    • Role Playing is Highly advocated!

    • No griefing for no given reason

    • No Cheating. Examples are xraying with texturepacks, Using mods that alter gameplay and gameplay mechanics other than what has beenstated as allowed, duping items that are not approved for duplication etc.

    • Be reasonable and mature
    We have a lot more planned for later on and look forward to seeing you on the server soon.

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