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May 4, 2020
New Minecraft Server Looking for players to have an amazing journey!


Why us? We have a lot of cool things, such as:


This allows the no cooldown to be suspended in our server. We all hate that cooldown especially on axes and swords for pvp!


Awsome crates with awsome loot, there is Vote, Common, Rare, Legendary, and our Pet Crate. We also have custom trails that you can earn in giveaways or donating to our server and receiving great rewards.


Envoy happens every 5 hours in server, Envoy drops 20 crates in warzone, you can get ton of good stuff, custom items, and more!


Pets plugin allows you to open the pets GUI with /pets. Pets are buyable in one of our amazing crates at /warp crates. Pets can be put on as a hat or you can ride them yourself! You can change them to a baby or an adult pet and even rename them as what you want!

Auction Shop

Auction shop is place where you can put any items with your own prices and names, and rest of world can buy your items!

Custom Enchants/Gkits

Our server has custom enchants with really cool effects! The custom enchants cost 20 xp for a common 40 xp for a rare and 60 xp for a legendary! Gkits are also a part of our server providing buyable items that you keep forever. There is cooldowns for the kits but they are really useful!


Our server has over 300+ Custamizable quests with unique rewards! Some categories include Farming, Mining, NightMare, Combat, Building, and Animals quests! But thats not all come check them out today!

Obsidian Destroyer

Obsidian Destroyer is added to our unique server to give people cnice ways to raid with creeper eggs and tnt! Obsidian is breakable with 10 hits of tnt or creeper explosion!

Faction Fly

This allows you to fly in your faction claimed land! This is very useful when it comes to building bases in the sky or in the nether!


Votifier plugin allows you to vote for server, and get vote keys to open our Vote crate and get really unique rewards!

Minable Spawners

You can mine every spawner with silk touch enchant, use it or sell it for other people!


Shop GUI allows you to open shop with command /shop, no more sign shops where you need to search for all things you need, now you can do it all with one simple command!

World Border

World Border allows us to set border, that players can only go so far, our border ir 15,000 blocks, and we will expand it more in future!


Main language - English

Uptime - 24/7

Minecraft version - 1.15.2

Discord -

Server is based on PVP/FACTION, with unique plugins and added fun so come on and join us and show the server whose the best faction!