Tainted Isles MMORPG 1.13.1

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    Tainted Isles is a new upcoming MMORPG in Minecraft, which is in early stages of development. If you want to help out with testing or building, please leave a comment under this post so we can get this server out as quick as possible!

    Discord: https://discord.gg/EDSfMRX

    Make sure to drop in and say hello to see more updates on the server and to chat to everyone else who is waiting for
    us to launch! There will be more videos on features in future so make sure to come to discord if you have any questions
    on what direction the game is going in, and have your say on features we create.

    Some of the Planned Features:

    - Bloodlines
    Similar to classes, there are 3 bloodlines in the game - Warlord, Blademaster and Ranger. Each class has their own starting area, with the middle area of the map being a zone where all the higher tiered players come together and battle for the best gear.

    - Influence
    In the Tainted Isles, there will be quests which you have the option to complete which will gain Influence with one of the neutral factions in the middle area of the map. This influence will help you as areas can be unlocked through gaining Influence - however, some factions are at war, so having a high influence with one faction may mean you will be barred from some areas of other factions. Choose wisely, as it will heavily impact end game.

    - Bounties
    Another feature in the game will be the bounty system. Players can place bounties on other players to entice others into going after them if they have some bad blood.

    - Quests
    Quests are available in the middle area, to gain influence with the factions.

    - Flasks
    Flasks are player permanent buffs, which you can use in combat to help give you an advantage. You can charge your flask by killing mobs or players, and you can obtain levelling bottles throughout the Tainted Isles to level up your buff.

    - Forging
    Forging is explained in this video here, and more features will be showcased on video in the future.

    There are other planned features, but we want to keep that for you guys to find out to make sure there are plenty of surprises on launch. Make sure to comment down below any suggestions. Thanks for watching, and if you have any questions just PM me or comment under this post.

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