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    I just wanted to personally say that so far, y'all have great support and I appreciate it.

    I was thinking about transferring to another host that offers more than just Minecraft server hosts since I plan to expand into other game servers. So I started by purchasing 4 MC servers from this other host and ended up with problems so I sent in some tickets for refunds.

    Well it was about a 3 day process of horrible service. This one person I had to deal with in particular made me feel like ****, like I wasn't a ****ing human being. I was furious and am glad I got my damn refunds.

    So far I haven't had much trouble with y'alls hosting and all my tickets have gone well. There's still some features I'd prefer to have that y'all don't offer, but compared to what I just went through, I'm much happier to be here...

    So thank y'all for all the good work and I hope y'all keep it up.

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