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    BETA SIGNUP - Get Exclusive Armor, Weapons and Even a Title for Participation in Beta Testing!

    In a rash attempt to end Lastol the Dark Lord's reign of terror you foolishly ventured into the Dark Realm to face him head on. You fought long and hard but your efforts made no difference and with one perfectly timed strike you were cursed into a deep sleep for one hundred years. As the world was now unprotected, the civilizations that had grown to prosper in the era of enlightenment came under siege by Lastol's minions and one by one they fell. Sterling, the Mayor of Tritan sensed the inevitable and brought the townsfolk into an ancient cave to seek refuge while others sought to strike back. After nearly a decade Sterling and his people were believed to be the last standing civilization, hidden in the dark. The new town began to prosper and like any other town a newfound sense of unity came about accompanied by huge advancements in technology, economy and combat.

    The town began to take expeditions into the darkness to discover more about their current circumstances and in a stroke of luck, Sterling, the leader of the expedition, found your body laying under a pile of rubble. They pulled you back into the over world and began preparing for the day you woke, as you were their last true hope.

    Your journey on Tritan starts on the day you wake. The town is fully prepared for your arrival and they have been gathering materials for many years in order to assist you in recouping your strength so you can one day take on Lastol and end this terrible era in history.

    Gameplay Mechanics / Player Progression:
    A rough idea of your chronological progression playing on Tritan:

    1. Select your role in Tritan in order to earn money to exchange with the people of Tritan for goods.
    2. Warp into the wilderness in order to begin gathering resources.
    3. Find a suitable location to set up camp and claim said land using the Land Claim system.
    4. Craft your first set of Iron Armor as well as a suite of weapons.
    5. Travel to the Dark Realm to begin hunting elite mobs.
    6. Collect Unique gear and items to increase your players strength.
    7. Upgrade your armor and guild level so that you are able to fight stronger mobs and collect higher level loot.
    8. Gear up with Tier 50+ armor to gain access to Lastol's cave where you will fight Lastol to Acquire pieces of the Dragon Hunter sets.
    9. To be contiuned...
    Keep in mind this is a rough chronological order of the recommended progression on Tritan, however the server can fit to many different play styles, ranging from players who enjoy an economy driven system to players who just want to hop into battle and fight.

    Planned / Current Features (PLUGINS):
    MCMMO Premium: Enjoy the most up to date release of MCMMO, MCMMO Overhaul. Level up your stats to unlock skills and increase efficiency.

    dtlTraders: Interact with Town NPCS to buy and sell goods, expand your pockets or empty them

    EliteMobs: Gather unique items with custom enchants and grind to be the most powerful warrior in Tritan

    GriefPrevention: Claim your land to protect from grief, store your goods safely and earn more land with playtime.

    Jobs Reborn: Earn money intuitively through regular actions such as mining, woodcutting, enchanting and more.

    Backpacks: Earn more and more inventory space so you can stay in the dark realm for longer periods of time.

    Multiverse: Enjoy the benefits of having multiple worlds to explore, travel the Overworld, fight in the Dark Realm and Interact and Trade in Tritan

    Auction House: There are two types of currency, use the auction house with base currency to buy powerful items from other players.

    World Border: Current border in the Overworld is set to 50,000 x 50,000 blocks, which will expand as new updates are released and more players join Tritan. Projected to max out at 500,000 x 500,000 blocks.

    And many, many more. Custom plugins cannot be listed here as there is no official name, and the features are for you all to discover in game!

    Development Update Video:
    This video is a very generalized overlook on what Tritan is. Expect many more videos to come outlining what plugins are being developed, what changes are being made, and how we are making the server a better experience every single day.


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