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How To Install A Custom or Pre-Packed Modpack

If you wish to set the server up with a modpack or version of a modpack that we do not have available on the jarlist it can be set up on your server manually.

First - download the server files for the modpack you wish to use from the website or launcher they are hosted on.
- Technic modpacks will link to their server downloads, if available, on their website pages,
- Feed The Beast and ATLauncher server downloads can be downloaded through the launcher itself.
- Most Curse/Twitch modpacks' server files can be found on that modpacks CurseForge page.

A few steps to follow to prepare the server from the control panel before editing the files are:

1 - Shut the server down on the control panel (

2 - Select the 'Custom Server JAR' option on the jarlist and hit Save at the bottom of the page.

3 - If you are using a custom world generation mod make sure to enter the code for that mods generation (EG for Biomes O Plenty the code is BIOMESOP all in caps) in the Files > Config Files > Server Settings' level-type option and save changes to the file.

4 - Enter a new world name (anything you want - In this case we'll use 'InfinityEvolved' to match the modpack files used in the images below) in the World box and hit Save at the bottom of the page (Always recommended when first loading a modpack, especially when using a world generation mod).

When you have the modpacks server files, or have downloaded the server files' .zip and extracted the files from it, you should have a number of folders (including a mods, config and libraries folder - and a coremods folder for older packs) and one or two .jar files.

For FTB Modpacks::
Some FTB modpack server files downloaded through the FTB Launcher do not come with the Vanilla jar you will need for the following steps. To get this, extract the files from the download .zip into a folder on your computer, and run the ftbinstall.bat file - this will download any extra files needed for the server including some libraries and the Vanilla jar. Do this first before continuing.
--For example, these are the files from the FTB Infinity Evolved server download after running the ftbinstall.bat file, beforehand there is no minecraft_server.1.7.10.jar file (and some of the contents of the libraries folder were missing):

--The files needed for the server are all of the above minus the .bat/.sh files, the FTBServer.jar (both the FTBServer.jar and FTBServer-1.7.10-1614.jar files are the same file, for some reason some modpack downloads have it twice for no reason) and the eula/version files - these can all be removed. The ones you need to keep are all folders and the Forge and Vanilla server jars (this is standard for almost all modpack server files).

For some Curse Modpacks::

Some Curse modpack server files downloaded through the CurseForge website do not come with all of the files you will need for the following steps. To get them, extract the files from the downloaded .zip into a folder on your computer, and run the ServerStart.bat file - this will download any extra files needed for the server.
Run it once till it asks you to accept the EULA, edit the EULA file to true and continue the process and it will load the modpack server up in full and give you the full files, world included, for the modpack - close the process when it finishes running. Do this first before continuing.


Once you have the modpacks server files ready to upload you can do so following these steps:

1 - Access the server files via FileZilla and delete anything in the server files (if anything) from previous modpacks (such as the mods/config folders), and delete the contents of the 'jar' folder but not the folder itself.
--As an example this is the server files after removing everything except the base server files and jar folder:

2 - Upload the modpack files that you downloaded to the base directory of the server, as they were when you extracted them from the .zip (or as they are in the relevant server folder for ATLauncher).
--For our example after uploading the Infinity Evolved files, with the ftbinstall.bat having been ran and the excess/unnecessary files being removed:

3 - Move the .jar file(s) and the 'libraries' folder into the 'jar' folder (select all 3 and drag/drop them into the jar folder to move them there):

--Contents of the jar folder after moving the files:

4 - Rename the forge .jar file (may be named differently, if there were two .jar files it is the one that is not named 'minecraft_server') to 'custom_server.jar'.
--After renaming the relevant jar file:

5 - You then just need to start the server up and when it has finished start up (the more mods that are in the pack the longer this will take - keep an eye on the console) you will be able to join through the same modpack on it's relevant launcher!


Side Note for Some Older Modpacks

Some older modpacks (generally modpacks on Forge 1.6.4 or older, though not all need this) will not run on Java 8 systems straight away. If you have set your modpack up following the above correctly and it appears to be having issues loading this may be the reason.
To make sure, double check the mods folder contents and look for a mod named 'legacyjavafixer' - if this is not present try adding it and restarting to see if this helps - this mod only needs to be installed serverside unless you have issues running the pack on your end too, in which case adding it to yoru clientside installation may also help.

You can download the 'legacyjavafixer' mod by clicking HERE.

This does not apply to modpacks running on Forge 1.7+ as they are already Java 8 compatible.


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