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Service Disk Space Information

General Note On Disk Space Usage

How much disk space your server is allocated to begin with, and how upgrades are handled, depends on the package type you purchase. Regardless of package type there are some things to note regarding your servers disk space usage (which should always be monitored).

Your servers disk space should never be allowed to max out while the server is online - The longer a server is running without the ability to save changes to the files the higher the chances of permanent data corruption happening (nothing done ingame will save while the allocation is maxed out either, meaning everything will constantly roll back).

Excess server data should be deleted regularly to free up the space it is using - this includes log files, crash reports, any world folders you are not actively using (download them first if needed for future use) and any plugin/mod data that is not actively being used on the server at the time.
Backups should also not be left in the server files - it defeats their purpose, as if data corruption does happen it is just as likely to happen to any backups in the files. Backups should be downloaded so you have a local copy and then be deleted.

Plugins/mods that use a lot of disk space unnecessarily that can be set up to avoid this should be set up as such as well - common examples of this are DynMap and CoreProtect (both of which should be linked to an SQL database as soon as they are installed or they will use a lot of disk space unnecessarily).

If you are unable to free disk space up the server should be shut down to avoid the disk space allocation maxing out and causing data corruption, and a support ticket should be submitted to have more space added.
Note that whether extra space is applicable, or if it will cost extra, depends on your package type.

Budget Minecraft Services

Budget Minecraft packages start with a 5GB disk space allocation.

Expanding the disk space allocation beyond this can be requested through the support tickets at any time, but this will add a monthly charge of $0.75 per extra GB per month (up to a maximum cap of 20GB allocated to one server - the 5GB default allocation plus up to 15GB paid for). In general it is always recommended to manage your disk space usage first before requesting extra space - when you request more disk space we will check your servers disk space usage over first - if we can make suggestions to lower your usage we will do so in our response to the ticket.

Premium Minecraft Services

Premium Minecraft packages start with a 10GB disk space allocation.

This can be expanded upon as and when needed (as a general rule of thumb, when you are within 1GB of your current limits or require more space for data uploads) on request through the support tickets, following a fair usage guideline. The guidelines basically boil down to you can request a 10GB increase in your disk space allocation (up to a maximum cap of 60GB for one server) as long as your current disk space usage is not primarily avoidable/unnecessary data.

Server data that is not covered by free disk space upgrades - and that we will inform you of in a response to your ticket - are:
- Excessive log files.
- Excessive crash-reports.
- Server backups.
- World data not activey being used by the server.
- Plugin/mod data not actively being used by the server.
- Excessive but also avoidable plugin/mod disk space usage (such as DynMap and CoreProtect not being linked to an SQL database, as stated above).

Other Suggestions To Limit Disk Space Usage

- Setting a world border of a reasonable size is strongly recommended to avoid worlds expanding endlessly as players explore. An example of a large/reasonable world border size is a radius of 12000 - while this may not sound "large" to some, this gives a world a rough surface area of around 576million blocks and will by itself use around 7-10GB of disk space when fully generated (this will be more depending on how much it is actively built in etc...). It is always recommended to start with smaller borders and expand if/when needed later on - and to set borders on the Nether and End as well as the overworld.
- If you use a plugin/mod to pre-generate your worlds make sure you are either only pre-generating a small area at a time, or that you have a reasonable border set - and don't leave it unattended as pre-generating can quickly fill up your disk space allocation.
- Avoid automatic backups if you are around often enough to do them manually as these are also a common cause of a servers disk space allocation maxing out while the server is not being actively watched.
- When switching to a new setup (for example to a new modded setup) it is also advised that you stop your server, download a copy of anything you need for future use such as world folders and then delete everything before loading the server back up on the new version/setup.

Note that separate backup files do not need to be made in order to create a backup either - if your server is able to be down for a period of time (ie is not a constantly active public server) then you can also shut the server down and download a copy of your server files/folders through an FTP client directly, without making a separate backup file first. The server must remain offline while doing this however, as any files that the server actively saves to while it is online (such as world data) can corrupt if the file is saved to mid-download (only the downloaded copy would corrupt, not the actual server file, but it would mean that the backup is corrupt/unusable).

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