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How Minecraft Servers Work

There’s a lot of talk about using a Minecraft server and having one, but nobody ever really questions how they really work. We’ll be explaining that for you in a simple terms as possible for you here.

As you all know, most Minecraft servers are provided by Minecraft server providers (such as ourselves – Once you have a server from such a provider, your friends and yourself can then join that newly created server. You can then play on the same persistent world with each other, allowing for awesome cooperative gameplay.

Sounds simple enough, right?

It’s only simple from the front-end part of things since all you have to do is have fun playing in the server. The background stuff is where it gets complicated. For a provider like us to provide you with a server – three very important things must be in place first:

  1. 1. A data center (for the hardware and network)
  2. 2. A reliable network and connection
  3. 3. Robust and high performance server hardware to handle all loads (especially during peak hours)


Data centers can be found all around the world and are basically the backbone of the internet. It is where most online data resides and is where a provider such as us would put our physical servers in. Our servers would then be connected to the web through various Internet Service Providers (ISPs) available at the data center. This is the basics of what gets us online.

Now to the actual server stuff. Once we have our hardware and network setup, it is time to install our desired Linux operating system, add in our custom configurations, and install the hosting back end software. All of these customizations (mostly performance and security) have been fine-tuned over years of experience.

What many don’t know is that all Minecraft servers run off of Java (not to be confused with Javascript). Java is a cross platform programming language that allows applications to run across different types of computers and devices with minimal effort. Since Minecraft (the game and server software) was coded in Java, it is the reason why you can run it on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. To put simply, Java is what “runs” the Minecraft server itself (just think of Java as a program on your computer that runs Java programs within itself). This is usually the last thing needed to get a Minecraft server up and running.

With everything in place for our nodes (the data center, network, hardware, OS, Java, etc), all it takes is for us to send a command to the nodes to automatically activate your server for you and take it online within seconds of placing an order. This is all done through a series of commands and scripts that run through the proper procedures required to get your server instance created and booted up.

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