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Which Minecraft Server Plan Should I Get?

A common question we get is how many players, plugins, and/or mods a single server can handle. There is no easy answer to this as there are thousands of variables that can affect the performance of a server, and the RAM allocation is only one of those factors. However, there are some general rules that can help you decide what server package will suit your needs the best.

1. The Basics - RAM (Memory)
Every Minecraft server has some RAM amount allocated to it which will affect almost every aspect of your server's performance. The general rule is that the more RAM you have, the more players, plugins, and/or mods you can have. However - excessive free RAM does not benefit a server in any way (and for this same reason, if you have issues with your server and low free RAM is not the specific cause, then upgrading will not help).

2. Player Slots
The amount of players your server can handle is dependent on how much RAM you have and what you run on the server itself.
An old rule of thumb was to haveĀ 50MB of RAM per player on your server. However - this amount can go up if you have plugins that directly interact with the players, it will go up when using mods (particularly world generation mods) and it will be much higher in more recent Minecraft versions that have innate performance issues.

3. Plugins
A good rule of thumb to follow is about 100MB of RAM per plugin you have (some bigger plugins may use more RAM such as multi world, logging, or map plugins). This is only a general suggestion - the server version, any issues with the specific version of the plugin you use, how the plugin is set up etc... can all change this.

4. Mods and Mod Packs
View the guide here for rough recommendations/guidelines for modpacks.

You want to run a server that can handle 10 players and 10 plugins. Following the rules listed above, you'll get the following:
10 players x 50MB = 500MB RAM.
10 plugins x 100MB = 1GB RAM.
500MB + 1GB = 1.5GB of RAM or more.

Remember: These are all estimates. Nothing with Minecraft servers is set in stone as even slight version differences of Minecraft can affect all of the above recommendations.

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