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Can I Recover Data From a Cancelled/Terminated Server?

Unfortunately this is not possible.
The disk space usage of your server files is part of what you are renting on our system when you rent a server (same with any host) - as such the files are not stored when you are no longer paying to rent that space.

This is stated in the email you are sent when you cancel a service as a reminder as well - a copy of your server files needs to be downloaded ASAP if you need them for future use before the cancellation runs. As soon as the cancellation has ran the server files are removed from the system and cannot be recovered.

The same applies to service terminations - the files are removed at the same time.
Service terminations run 10 days past the servers bill date (with invoices issued 10 days prior to the bill date, giving 20 days to make payment for the following month to avoid service termination), 6 days after the service is suspended and made inaccessible due to late payment (if the invoice is paid in full while the service is suspended, before it terminates, the suspension is lifted and the server continues as normal).
If payment cannot be made on time, or you do not wish to continue the service but need to recover the files before termination runs, you need to contact us via the support tickets ASAP so we can either lift the suspension to allow you to download your server files, or add a small extension to delay termination and allow for a late payment to be made and continue the service.

In general, server data/backups should be downloaded regularly through the FTP so that you have a local backup just in case anything happens - not just for if the service is cancelled/terminated but in case of any data loss/corruption on the server while it is in use as well.

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