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How Long Does Setup Take?

Servers are generated and ready to use immediately once payment has been received on our end.

If you have purchased a server, and the invoice is marked as Paid, please make sure to check your emails (including junk/spam) for the Minecraft Server Information email - this will provide your server information and control panel log in details.

If the invoice is marked as Paid but no email has been issued there may be an issue with the server generation - if this is the case please submit a support ticket.

Please note - PayPal payments are not always instant.
Their "Instant" payments can take up to 2 hours to process, so if you have made payment and received an email from PayPal confirming this and your invoice with us is still marked as Unpaid this means the payment has not finished processing yet - if it has not processed after 2 hours please send us a ticket!
If the email you get sent from PayPal confirming that you made payment states that it was sent as an echeck it will not clear for a few days - the email will tell you when it will clear by, As soon as the payment clears the service will activate.

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