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How To Install Velocity

Velocity is a network proxy server software, similar to BungeeCord and Waterfall (the developers of Velocity being the same as the original creators of Waterfall - they simply moved to a new project to be able to expand and change it more).
Before attempting to use any server network software please read up on what it is, and what it requires, here: What is a Network Proxy (BungeeCord/Waterfall/Velocity etc..)

There is also a wiki on the full configuration options and features of Velocity (that will be completely up to date with all options if our guide falls behind, and for the options we do not cover here as they are for more advanced options you don't specifically require by default) here:

The way that Velocity works, as with other network proxy software, is that you have a backend server that cannot be used as a Minecraft server itself as it simply acts as the proxy/backend - it does not load ordinary Bukkit/Spigot plugins (only Velocity-specific plugins) or worlds.
The minimum amount of Minecraft servers in the network that users can play on should be two but you can have as many more than this as you like.
Once you have your servers ready, it is time to set up the Velocity server.
You can simply select it from the Multicraft JAR list and once the page refreshes to confirm the change, restart your server. It will say Startup Listening on /0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0%0:25577 when it has finished loading - it will not work like this.

The server will generate a velocity.toml in your root directory - this cannot be accessed via the Files > Config Files page of the control panel as with most server configs due to the file type. You will need to access the file through the servers FTP access.
Open that up and you will see something like this: - Most of this file is self explanatory, as it has fairly decent explanations in the file itself, but we will still go over the main options to change here as well.
The options in the main/first config section that you will either need to change or are highly recommended to change are as follows:
bind = ""
Change this to the IP:Port of the server you are running Velocity on specifically (eg bind = "").
motd = "&3A Velocity Server"
Change this to the MOTD you wish to show on players multiplayer lists when they ping your network (unlike a normal server MOTD this supports & colour codes).

show-max-players = 500
Change this to the number of player slots you wish for the network to be listed as having.

player-info-forwarding-mode = "NONE"
This depends on the servers you are running in the network. Information on what each option provides, which you should use and how the subservers in the network should be set up for them can be read up on here:
forwarding-secret = "XXXXX"
If you are using MODERN or BUNGEEGUARD for the player-info-forwarding-mode, configure a unique secret key here.
kick-existing-players = false
This would be recommended to be set to true - this restores the vanilla behavior of kicking users on the proxy if they try to reconnect (e.g. lost internet connection briefly).

Once this section is done it is time to set up the servers in your network via the [servers] section of the config file.
This is simply a matter of adding a new line for each separate server, and putting their correct IP:Port - once that is done, set the list of servers up that the network will try and move players to if the server they are on disconnects/goes down.
An example of this section edited for a few servers, and those servers ordered, can be viewed here:

Congratulations - your proxy server is now set up! Simply save changes to the config, restart the server and you are good to go - all players should connect through the IP:Port of the server Velocity is running on!
For details on all other sections of the config please view their official wiki linked near the top of this post.
Make sure that all subservers have been set up correctly for the player-info-forwarding-mode option you are using, as per their wiki's instructions linked above, and that all subservers in the network are running in offline-mode!

You can find plugins for the Velocity proxy here:
Note regarding the forced-hosts section of the proxy servers config::

This section allows you to use a custom domain (and any subdomains made with it) to link directly to specific servers in the network. A common set up mistake with this is setting the domain/subdomain up to link to the IP:Port of the server that domain/subdomain is to send you to - they should all link to the proxy servers IP:Port specifically. You set which server they forward you to in this section.

As an example, using the 5 servers in the previous example for the [servers] section - Lobby, Survival, Creative, Factions and Minigames - and had your own custom domain of and you wanted the following domain/subdomains to link to those servers:

- and to link to the Lobby server
- and to link to the Survival server
- and to link to the Creative server
- and to link to the Factions server
- and to link to the Factions server

Then you would set all of those subdomains and domain to link to the proxy servers IP:Port in the domains DNS settings, and then set the proxy server configs forced-hosts section up as:
Note - Even if you do not use this section of the config, if you change the servers listed in the [servers] section then any servers listed in this section must still be valid (eg you can't have a "minigames" server in this section if you don't have it in the [servers] section of the config too) - otherwise the server will fail to load.
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