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Whitelist Disabled But Getting "You Are Not Whitelisted" On Join

If the whitelist is disabled in your servers file and has been restarted to make sure of this, and you receive the "You are not whitelisted" message when trying to join your server - you are connecting to the wrong server.

The most common cause of this is not including the Port when connecting if you did not purchase a Dedicated IP with your service. Without the Dedicated IP addon your server is not allocated the default port of 25565, meaning the Port is required when logging into the server.
The IP and Port your server is allocated/running on are listed on your control panel but they are listed separately - they should be entered as <IP>:<PORT> when connecting to the server (eg

If you set up a free subdomain for the server make sure that this has been typed out correctly - however, if you did not purchase a Dedicated IP this may still be the cause of the issue. Subdomains are not guaranteed to work as they are if you do not have the default 25565 port - particularly if another server is running on the same IPs 25565 port (in which case your subdomain will point at their server and not yours). To fix this either add the port on the end of the subdomain (eg or have a Dedicated IP allocated on request via thr support tickets (though this is an additional $2.50 per month).

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