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Accessing Your Game Server Files

The easiest way to access your server files is simply to use the built in File Manager from your servers control panel.

Log into, select the server in question and then click the File Manager tab. This will bring up all of your servers files - from here you can rename/move/delete files by right clicking on them, move/delete multiple files at once by ticking the boxes on the left hand side and you can upload files to the directory you are looking at via the Upload button in the top right.
You can also create new files/directories from the relevant buttons in the top right.


Accessing Your Files With An FTP Client

This process depends somewhat on the FTP client you use - for the purposes of this guide we will recommend the use of FileZilla, however any FTP client will work, just enter the information in the relevant place for your chosen client.

The FileZilla client can be downloaded from here -
Make sure to get the Client, not the Server, and that it is the correct version for your OS.

When you have downloaded and installed FileZilla (or whichever client you prefer) open it up. You should have options to enter a Host/IP, Username, Password and Port - for example on FileZilla this is near the top of the window:

The information you will need can be found via your account - log in, click the server in question and then go to the Settings tab at the top.
Here you will find a section titled SFTP DETAILS - the Server Address listed is what you enter as the Host on FileZilla, Username is self explanatory and as it states the password is the same as the password you use for your control panel. The Port can be left empty as it is included in the Server Address.

Once these details have been entered in the appropriate text fields click Quickconnect and your server files will be loaded up.

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