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How To Set Up Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled tasks can be set up to automate a number of things from backing up your server, to automatic restarts or running set commands at scheduled times/intervals.

For the purposes of this guide we will explain how to set up an automated server restart for your game server.
To set up the scheduled task log into, click on the server you wish to set the task up for and then click the Schedules tab at the top.

On this page click Create Schedule to set your task up.
In the window that pops up you can enter a name for the schedule (this can be anything, it is just so you know what the schedule is for), whether the task runs only when the server is online, whether it is enabled and set the times it is to be used via Cronjob syntax (if you are not familiar with this you can read up on how to use this here:

For this example we have created an Auto-Restart task to only run if the server is online (so if we shut the server down ourselves it won't run and turn the server back on without our knowledge) to run every 12 hours:

When you have entered the information as needed, click Create Schedule - Then click on the schedule that is now listed, and then New Task to add the task it is to run.

On the window that pops up after clicking New Task you will have a drop down list of options that will need to be changed depending on the task you are adding - whether it be a command to be ran, creating a backup or a power action. For the purposes of this guide we will be selecing Send power action for our action.
When you select the action you wish to do the field below will change accordingly - for power actions this gives us a drop down list with the options to start/stop/restart the server. In this case we will select Restart the server.

You can also enter an offset in seconds if you require it - for example if you want to add a command to send a message through to the server that informs players that a restart is happening in X seconds.
There is also an option to continue on failure - this means that if this task in the schedule fails it will still process any further tasks that have been set up if this option is enabled. When disabled, as it is by default, if a task fails the schedule stops and does not process any further tasks.

In our case we have this as our task:

When you are done, click Create Task to add this to your schedule.

Any tasks you add to the schedule will run at the intervals you set up in the cronjob syntax settings - these can be changed by clicking Edit at the top of the schedule (the schedule can also be disabled from there if you no longer need it to run but do not want to delete the schedule entirely).

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