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Install, Setup, and Admin your Mumble Server

Note: This service is now discontinued.


1. Download Mumble at this link and install it.

2. Click on the Mumble shortcut on your desktop to start it up.

3. You will see two windows pop up: Mumble Server Connect and the actual Mumble chat window.

3a. If you get the Audio Tuning Wizard instead, go to step 7 and come back here after.

4. Click on Add New... in the Mumble Server connect window.

Mumble Add Server

4a. Type anything in for the Label field

4b. Copy in the IP address to your Mumble server in the Address field. The IP/port will be listed in your game panel in the format of x.x.x.x:#### where the x.x.x.x is the IP and the #### is the port.

4c. Type in the port for your Mumble server in the Port field

4d. Enter your username in the Username field. This can be anything with the exception of when you sign in as "SuperUser" (discussed later)

4e. Click on OK

4f. Click on Connect

5. You will get a command prompt asking about a certificate.

Mumble Certificate

Click on Yes to accept it.

You might be presented with a password entry window. If so, please check in your game panel for the "Private password" field and enter in that password. You can change it at anytime (requires a restart). If you remove the password completely, your server will essentially become a public server and won't require a password to join.

6. You are now logged into the server.

7. At this point,  you will want to access the Audio Tuning Wizard by clicking on Configure > Audio Wizard in the menu bar.

7a. Continue through the prompt, following all the directions

7b. Once completed, you should test your settings to see if others can hear you



1. Before you can admin as your desired username, you have to login as the SuperUser. To login as the SuperUser, simply use the username "SuperUser" and your RCON password set in the game panel for your Mumble login details. If you don't need to admin as your username, skip to step 3d and simply add the channels as the SuperUser.

Note: You will want to register your regular username before you are able to set yourself as admin. To "Register" a username go to Self > Register in the menu bar. This registers that username to the user and will allow them to be added to groups. Note: Once a user registers a username, they cannot change it, even if they join with a different username entered in their Mumble client. You have to unregister them to allow them to change their username by going to Server > Registered Users in the menu bar a the top.

1a. To edit your login information for a particular server, go to Server > Connect in the menu bar. Then find the server you added and right-click then select "Edit"

2. Once logged in as the SuperUser, right click on the root channel (BeastNode Mumble) and select "Edit."

3. Click on the Groups tab.

3a. Click on the dropdown list under "Group" and select "admin." This part will allow you to admin the server without using the SuperUser username.

3b. In the text box under the "Members" box, enter in your desired username to be an admin and click on "Add." Click OK once you are finished. *Note: You must have the user register with the server before you can add them to a list (read note above).

3c. Log out, change your server login information to use your own username, then log back in.

3d. You can now add channels by right clicking on the Root channel and clicking on "Add." Enter all the information in that menu and click OK. That's it.


Editing Server Settings


In order to change the Mumble server settings, you must go through the BeastNode Game Panel to do so.

1. Login to your BeastNode Panel

2. Select "Manage Game" on the right for the Mumble server

3. Change RCON to a secure password. This password will be used for the SuperUser login

4. Private Password is the password users must enter to access your Mumble server. Removing the password will make your server public and accessible without a password (not recommended).


Setting Up Groups, Channels, and Other Advanced Settings:

Please refer to the Mumble/Murmur wiki for more details:

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