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How To Add A Sub User

The Multicraft control panel allows for sub users/additional users to gain access to your server(s) that you want to have permission to manage or use FTP.
To add such users, first have them register at using their desired information. Note: There will be no confirmation email after they register.

Once they have their account created, you can allow them to access any of your servers by going to the Advanced > Users menu on the left bar, then search for their username in the blank text box on that page.

The roles you can give them are as follows, and all functionality stacks (for example Moderators can use the Chat page, as Users - the next rank down - also can):

Unassigned/No Access
- No access to the servers control panel itself at all.
- The only difference between Unassigned and No Access is that when it is set to No Access they will be listed on your Advanced > Users page of the control panel, whereas if it is on Unassigned they will not (so if you have given them FTP Access, give them No Access here so they are still listed as a reminder).
- Can see basic information such as the servers online status, IP:Port and number of players.
- Can use the Chat page.
- Can start the server if it is offline (cannot stop/restart) and can see but not use the server console (listed as 'Logs' on their panel).
- This is the lowest rank that can see the Files > FTP File Access page of the control panel, regardless of the FTP Access setting (so for lower ranks with ftp access you'll need to give them the FTP IP, Port and the .[ID] to put on the end of their username).
Super Moderator
- Can issue server commands through the console, see and use the Players page, stop/restart the server and create backups.
- Can see and edit config files on the Files > Config Files page, use the plugin installer, restore backups, manage the scheduled tasks, see but not edit the Advanced > Users page and can use the Advanced > MySQL Database page.
- Can also edit the World box and the JAR File options.
- Can edit the user access on the Advanced > Users page (up to Administrator, they cannot give Co-Owner to another user).

Plus a separate option for their FTP access:

No Access
- No access to the FTP at all, regardless of their user role.
Read Access
- They can log into and look through the FTP but they cannot make any changes to the files.
Full Access
- Allows them to make changes to the files and upload/download files.

As noted in the above roles any user role below Moderator cannot see the Files > FTP File Access page of the panel, but if you have given them FTP access here they can still use the FTP, you would just need to give them the log in details yourself.

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