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Essentials/Group Manager/Permissions Plugin Tutorials

Essentials and Group Manager are fairly complex plugins and useful plugins that allow for many features to be added to your server, so here are some links to tutorials on how to set them up:
Essentials Wiki Page - The basic Essentials pack (Essentials, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsChat, GroupManager) can be installed by using our plugin install guide here:
The plugin files for Essentials (including GroupManager) can be downloaded here:
A basic guide on how to configure GroupManager:
Group Manager is a permissions system that is relatively popular and easy to use. There are alternatives such as bPermissions, PermissionsEX, and PermissionsBukkit (although some are outdated or have compatibility issues). We typically recommend using PermissionsEX as it is one of the simpler ones to use and is still updated without too many compatibility problems. GroupManager works better in multi world situations as all permissions are split into their own folders for each world, but PermissionsEx keeps everything to a single file, which is easier for some users in some cases with single worlds.

Disclaimer: We do not create custom permissions as part of support, but we can correct mistakes/errors in the config files for them if attached to a support ticket.
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