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CPU / Java Load

The CPU/Java load bar that you see in your control panel isn't an indicator of the physical CPU itself, but of the Java process that is running your server. Since Java itself is software, you cannot upgrade it like hardware, so you must work within the limitations of Java. Maxing out this value is essentially going to cause lag and/or crashing issues. It is not affected by external factors of the node itself - it is an indicator of your own server's load only.

The only way to reduce the load is by correcting the things in your server itself that is causing the problem. For example, the most common cause of high Java load is due to things built in the world itself or even chunk corruption. As such, the problem causing creations/chunks must simply be removed to restore the Java load to normal levels. The same can be said about plugins that may cause this to happen (even plugins that work normally at one point may stop functioning properly, so this is something to keep in mind), so either you must update the plugin, reset it (if it worked normally before), or simply uninstall it.

An alternative solution is to use the Spigot server JAR file. In short, it is a high performance version of CraftBukkit, developed by a different development team than Bukkit. As such, it may not be completely compatible with all CraftBukkit plugins (but it will be with most). However, it will provide various performance benefits and may lower your CPU/Java load completely. You can select a desired Spigot build from the JAR File drop down menu in the Multicraft control panel.

If you're already using Spigot - you can try using the timings feature to determine the cause of high load as well:

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