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How To Create An Auto Restart Scheduled Task

To create an automatic restart task for your server, just follow these steps.

1. Go to the Advanced > Scheduled Tasks > New Task menu in your Multicraft control panel.
2. Enter the "Name" you want for the task (this is only for reference on the control panel, it can be anything).
3. Select the "Scheduled Time" you want for it to run as well as setting it as an interval as desired by checking the "Interval" box. When you set it as an interval, the Scheduled Time will be the time it will first run and the interval will start from that time.
**The scheduled time setting for the commands first run after it is set will correspond to the system time, not your own local time - this can be checked against the time stamps in the server console to clarify what time it is currently on the system (ie if it is 12pm local time, and the console is giving a timestamp of 7am at the time, set the times to 5 hours before you want them to run in your own local time).
4. Select "Restart" from the command list or "Restart if Empty" if you want it to only restart when your server is empty.
5. Click "Create" and you're done. Just wait for the scheduled time and monitor your server to ensure that it runs properly.

To run announcements to inform players that the server will be restarting you can set another scheduled task to run X minutes before the restart runs (ie you could have 3 different announcements to run 5 minutes, 2 minutes and 1 minute before the restart runs, with the same interval) using the 'Admin Say' command option and put what you want it to say in the announcement in the Arguments box. This runs the announcement via the default Minecraft '/say' command.
You can also set up a  custom command for the task to run an announcement via a plugins commands (for example using Essentials' /bcast command).

Something else we would also advise is to create another scheduled task to run 1 minute before the restart, with the same interval, using the 'Save World' command option so it saves changes to the server. This will make sure that at the very most only 60 seconds of work ingame is ever rolled back by the restart, as without this it could be a larger rollback if the last world save did not run for a while before the restart.
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