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What is BungeeCord?

BungeeCord is a "proxy" server software that allows for multiple Minecraft servers to be "connected" in such a way that it allows you to teleport between servers, but only use one IP to join the network of servers.

BungeeCord networks typically consist of the following servers:

1. The BungeeCord proxy server itself. This server is the one that will run the BungeeCord server JAR file. You would also be advertising the IP of this server to your friends. You should NOT make the IPs of any other server in your BungeeCord network known to the public (this could be a security risk).

2. The hub (or main) server. When users connect to the BungeeCord proxy server's IP, it will re-route those users to this server. This is essentially the "main" server in your network and is typically where you would put all your portals to go to your other servers in the BungeeCord network (similar to how your favorite hub servers are setup).

3. All additional servers. Once you have at least one server running the proxy and one as the hub, any other servers will be considered extra servers that you can teleport to from the hub (or any other server in your BungeeCord network).

Following the above list, the minimum setup needed for BungeeCord would be to have three servers. With our packages, you can get away with our Chicken Minecraft package for the BungeeCord proxy server as it is relatively low load (until your network gets popular, then you'd have to upgrade which you can do at any time). For the hub and extra servers, you would get any package to support what you intend to run on them (plugins, mods, etc).

The hub and extra servers can run any type of server JAR file you desire as long as the version of BungeeCord you are using works with them. It is also important to keep the server JAR version/types the same between all of your servers (i.e. you can't make the hub server CraftBukkit 1.7.10 and your extra servers CraftBukkit 1.6.4).

For information on how to setup a BungeeCord server, please refer to this guide:

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