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Dedicated Server Information

A dedicated server (in the simplest manner) is basically a computer connected to a network or the internet that serves the needs that it is assigned to do. For example, a dedicated server can be made to run game servers, web servers, and all sorts of software available. They are the base of most hosting services available online (without dedicated servers, there would be no web or Minecraft hosting, for example).

Due to their open nature, dedicated servers are a lot more difficult to run than a run of the mill Minecraft server as you are now managing everything from the Operating System level. Due to the way these work with our offered Linux distributions, there are no control panels available. Only SSH access is available, which gives you the most control over your server. This is also one of the reasons why our dedicated hosting service is self-managed, meaning that only hardware and network related support is provided. It is assumed that you already know the basics of managing this type of server.

You can basically treat a dedicated server as your own computer in the sense that you can install any software available for your particular Linux distro to custom tailor your server to your needs. If you want to run a website, a Minecraft server, and a Counter-Strike server; you can do so by installing the server software for those on your dedicated server. The uses of a dedicated server are endless.

To order a dedicated server you will need to submit a support ticket regarding this - we do not provide them via the website as we do with our Minecraft services as we do not have a constantly available stock.

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