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Automatic Billing

You have the option of automatic billing using both of our payment methods (Paypal & credit card).

  • In order for automatic payments to be made with Paypal, you must wait until you are issued an invoice from us (we will notify you of invoices via email). Once you receive the invoice, simply login to the billing portal at and click on the invoice you wish to pay for, then select the button that says "Paypal Subscribe". From there, simply login to the Paypal account you wish to use and complete the process. Your Paypal account will now make automatic payments on the date you created the subscription every month (or the interval it is set for).
    • Important: Note that cancelling your server will NOT cancel the automatic payment, so please make sure to follow this guide to do so if you decide to cancel at a later date:
    • Automatic payment is NOT recommended for the initial invoice payment if you intend to pay with e-check due to Paypal's delayed payment processing (this process takes several business days, which will mean your Paypal account will always pay us late and may result in service termination as a result). However, you are welcome to create this automatic payment on your second (and all future) invoice(s) as we issue invoice notices 10 days before your due date so that if you create the automatic billing on the day we notify you, there will be ample time for Paypal to process the payment before your actual due date.


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