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Payment Methods/Automatic Billing

What Payment Methods Do We Accept?

We currently accept either PayPal or Credit/Debit Cards as payment methods. Other options are not available at this time.

Automatic Billing

How the automatic billing works depends on which of the above payment methods you decide to use.

If you pay using the "Credit Card - Auto Bill" payment method (this option accepts debit cards too) then automatic billing is enabled by default.
An invoice for each months bill are always issued 10 days prior to the bill date to allow for early payment, however if payment is not received by the bills due date then payment will automatically be taken from the card on file for your account. If the charge fails for any reason you will be emailed to state this, and will need to log in and pay the invoice manually after correcting any incorrect card or billing details.

If you pay via PayPal then you will need to set up automatic billing with PayPal, which we do not manage. To do so pay an invoice for your servers monthly bill (original invoice for the order or a subsequent monthly bills invoice) via the button that says "Paypal Subscribe". From there, simply login to the Paypal account you wish to use and complete the process. Your Paypal account will now make automatic payments on the date you created the subscription every month (or the interval it is set for) for the same amount you paid.

Important Note Regarding PayPal Automatic Billing: 
Cancelling your server will NOT cancel the automatic payments set up with PayPal, so please make sure to follow this guide to do so if you decide to cancel at a later date:


PayPal will also not adjust the amount they send if you upgrade/downgrade the service or change the billing cycle on our end - you would need to cancel the automatic payments following the guide above, and then when the next service bill invoice has been issued set them up again for the new amount/cycle.

Cancelling/Disabling Automatic Billing

Cancelling automatic billing when using the "Credit Card - Auto Bill" payment method is as simple as cancelling the service itself. Once the service is set to cancel no automatic billing will run for it.
If you wish to disable automatic billing so you can pay manually, rather than cancel the service itself, you can request this through a support ticket at any time - however, note that this is an account-wide disable it cannot be disabled for specific services only (and to re-enable it later on it must be requested via the tickets also).

For PayPal read above.

Removing Card Information From The Account

You cannot remove the card information on file for your account from your end when you have paid via card and not PayPal. However - you can request it be removed through a support ticket at any time.

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