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Managing and Upgrading the Allocated Disk Space

The Minecraft server packages are automatically limited to 5GB of disk space on the Budget packages and 10GB on the Premium packages. This can be expanded upon as and when needed, but is only eligible for free upgrades on the Premium packages (in 10GB increments) following a fair usage guideline.

To avoid your disk space from overloading there are a number of basic steps to help keep the disk space under control.

The files and folders that should regularly be deleted from the server files are:
- The 'crash-reports' folder. Keep the last 2 or 3 crash reports when cleaning the folder out if you are actively having issues and need them for the support tickets.
- The 'logs' folder (or .log files in the base directory for 1.6.4 and older). At most, as above with the crash-reports, keep the latest.log and the 2 or 3 most recent .log.gz files (or 3 most recent log files for 1.6.4 and older) depending on the size of the files.
- Any world folders that are no longer in use. Download a copy of them if needed for future use so they can be removed.
- Any world backups (or server backups if you use a backup plugin or mod) should also be regularly downloaded and removed from the server files.
- Any plugin configuration folders that are no longer being used on the server.
- If you have used mods before, and no longer do, then their files should also be removed (eg: the mods and config folders).

Any plugins that give errors in the console - especially if they spam errors in the console during gameplay - should be either changed to a version compatible with your server version or removed, as the errors will increase the size of your log files.

Some plugins will also cause the disk space to fill up a lot faster than normal - the most common of which are DynMap and CoreProtect.
-The disk space that DynMap uses can be lessened somewhat by using lower resolution images, only mapping the worlds that are absolutely necessary, and using the .jpg image format instead of the default .png format will also decrease the space it uses. DynMap can still use a lot of disk space even on its lowest settings however. DynMap can also be linked to an SQL Database in it's configuration file so that it does not use the disk space a all for it's image files - if this is done after mapping via the flatfiles you can free the space back up by deleting the /plugins/dynmap/web/tiles/ directory.
- CoreProtect can be connected to a MySQL Database in it's config.yml to reduce it's disk space consumption (the flatfile database in the /plugins/CoreProtect/ directory will need to be manually deleted after linking CoreProtect to the MySQL Database). To create your MySQL Database go to the Advanced > MySQL Database page of your MultiCraft panel and click Create on the left hand side - this will give you the information needed for the CoreProtect config.yml to link them up.

Upgrading the Disk Space:

- Premium Packages:
When your disk space is approaching it's limits (recommended when within 1GB of your limit at the very latest so we have time to get to the ticket) you can submit a support ticket to get a further 10GB of space allocated to the server. More can be added if necessary (for example if you are uploading a previous server setup and need more space for the files) before you hit your limits, but if you do not require the additional space we will not expand your allocation at that time, as it is a shared system and if the disk space is allocated to your server nobody else can use that space so it is limited based on usage.
Currently we have a maximum limit on Premium disk space usage of 60GB as a general rule of thumb but this is open to change, the limit is more a guideline to make sure there is space available for other clients on the same system if needed!

- Budget Packages:
Additional space on the Budget packages can be added at any time at a fee of $0.75 per extra GB of disk space per month on request through the support tickets - just let us know how many GBs you wish to add and we will issue an invoice for the upgrade as soon as we get to the ticket in our queue.
The limit on disk space allocations on the Budget packages is set to 20GB.

Please note::

Additional disk space must always be requested before your current allocation maxes out (and no more space can be freed up by deleting excess data/connecting plugins to an SQL etc..). This is recommended to be done when you are within 1GB of your current limit, 512MB at most, so we have time to get to your ticket before your allocation is maxed out.
If the server is left running at any time with no free disk space available to expand into this has a high chance of causing data/world corruption - as such if you are very close to your limits when you do send a ticket in for more space please close the server down so this can be avoided before more space is added!

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