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Additional Disk Space

For those on our premium level Minecraft hosting packages, SSD disk space starts with a limit of 5GB. Additional disk space can be requested via a support ticket with appropriate justification and if within reason. Data such as backups, general file storage, logging plugins (i.e CoreProtect), map plugins (i.e. Dynmap), and various other plugins/mods that use large amounts of disk space are not justifiable and as such will require additional fees for more space. If the additional disk space is justified, additional space can be requested via support ticket in increments of 5GB when the server is within 1GB of its current disk space limit. If a specific node does not have enough space to support your request, a node change may be required, which will change your server's IP.

This disk space limit policy will ensure that data corruption cannot occur on your server from neighboring clients on the same node.

For those on our budget level Minecraft servers, upgrading your SSD disk space will be charged an extra monthly fee for each GB.

Pricing is as follows for the disk space upgrade (applies to both premium and budget plans):
$0.75/GB per month

You can request the upgrade by submitting a billing ticket here:

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