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How to Upload a Custom/Previous World

Uploading a custom or pre-made world onto your server is a relatively simple task with FTP access.

Setting up FTP access:


Uploading Your World

Before doing anything, make sure your server is stopped.

Once you are logged into your server via FTP, double click on your service#### folder. You are now in the main directory of your Minecraft server.

In there, you will find your "plugins" and "world" folder by default. The world folder name is directly associated to the level-name variable found in your server.properties file (editable only in your game panel: Manage this game). If you change level-name to world2, then it will create a world2 folder in there (if it doesn't exist already - if it does exist already, then the server will simply load that world).

If you upload your previous world, lets say it is named "my_old_world." You will want to set your level-name to "my_old_world" without the quotes. When you start up your server, it will automatically load that world if it finds the file.

Now, to upload your world. Simply drag your world folder into the main directory of your server and change your level-name accordingly. Start up your server and it should load that world. If this is a single player world, you may spawn in a different area from where you used to spawn, so you will literally have to look for where your creations are.

If your replacement world is in a zip or .tar.gz file, you can upload that file via FTP also (so you don't have to potentially upload hundreds of individual files), then go into your File Manager in your game panel and simply click on the filename to extract it. It will extract whatever is in it into the current directory of the file and will overwrite existing files - so make sure there aren't any files or folders with the same name in there.


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