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Connecting to your Mumble server

Note: This service is now discontinued.
Here is a quick guide on how to login to your Mumble/Murmur server:
1. Install and start up Mumble
2. Click on "Add New..." in the Mumble Server connect window.
Type anything in for the Label field
Copy in the IP address to your Mumble server in the Address field. You can find the IP address to your Mumble server in your game panel. It will be in a format similar to this: x.x.x.x:#### - The x.x.x.x is the IP address and the #### is the port number.
Type in the port for your Mumble server in the Port field
Enter your username in the Username field. This can be anything except "SuperUser" (more details here: Mumble/Murmur setup)
Click on OK
Click on Connect
3. You will get a command prompt asking about a certificate.
Click on Yes to accept it.
You might be presented with a password entry window. If so, please check in your game panel for the "Private password" field and enter in that password. You can change it at anytime (requires a restart). If you remove the password completely, your server will essentially become a public server and won't require a password to join.
4. You are now connected to your Mumble server.
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