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How to Use MySQL Workbench to Edit Your Database

The databases that we create for you are accessible externally by most MySQL editing programs out there. One of the most popular is MySQL Workbench (download: We'll be going through the basic functions of MySQL Workbench in this tutorial. The only time you will need to use MySQL Workbench is to delete tables or to make a backup/restore them. Your plugins will automatically create the necessary data tables for you so you will rarely (if ever) need to use this program.

First, download and install the program, then start it up. You will be presented with the following screen:

MySQL Workbench

Click on "New Connection" to add your database.

Fill in the "Connection Name," "Hostname," and "Username" fields with the database info that we provide you with. Hit OK to save the settings.

MySQL Workbench

Your connections list should now show your database. Double click it and you should get a password entry form. Enter your password to access your database.

You can now edit your database tables in the overview menu:

The items with the blue icon (in the red box) are your tables. You can also view the tables on the left side bar under SCHEMAS if they are not listed like in the above image. You can edit and delete the table data by right clicking it.


To delete a table (if you need to reset a plugin - some plugins make multiple tables), right click it and select the "Drop Table..." option. This will completely remove your table and allow you to start fresh for that particular data set.

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