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How to Install DynMap

Installing DynMap is relatively easy.  Here's how:

1. Download the plugin from:

2. Extract the files into your computer, then upload the containing files into the "plugins" folder in your service directory.  We recommend using FTP to do this.  If you are not familiar with how to use FTP, please follow our "Using FTP to Access Server Files" FAQ.

- - You can also upload the .zip file itself to the plugins folder via the game panel's file manager (Upload and Extract feature) which will automatically extract all the files when uploaded.

2b. Restart the server for the config files to generate.

3. Open up the configurations.txt file

4. Change the "webserver-bindaddress" from to your server IP (DO NOT include your server port!).

5. Change the "webserver-port" to a port between 8000 and 9000.  We recommend to NOT use the default 8123 port and to use another number!

6. Run /dynmap fullrender world ("world" is whatever your level-name is set to)

7. Access your server via http://serverIP:bindport

8. Pat yourself on the back if it works :D.

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