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How to Cancel Your Services

How to Cancel Your Services with BeastNode:

Login to your billing portal:

Click the "Services" box (or go to Services > My Services in the top menu) to bring up a list of your services.

On this page, click on the service that you wish to cancel - if you have a number of old cancelled/terminated services you can order them so all active services are at the top by clicking "Status".

Finally, click on the red Request Cancellation box - You can select to either schedule the cancellation immediately or on the last day of your current billing period (recommended).

**Important Notes:

1 -
If you paid via PayPal Subscribe at any time please make sure to cancel your Paypal subscription/automatic payments if you have any. If the service is cancelled but a PayPal subscription is left active they will still continue to send payments out each month.

2 - If you require your server files for future use they must be downloaded before the cancellation is processed - once it has ran the files are deleted from the system and cannot be recovered. You can download your server files through an FTP client (make sure the server is offline before downloading them to avoid any potential issues in the downloaded copies).
If you set the server to cancel immediately you have until the end of the same day to do this, so the files must be downloaded ASAP. If you set it to cancel at the end of your billing period the files must be downloaded before the day of what would have been your next bill date.

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