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MySQL Workbench: Backup and Import your MySQL Database


First, you'll want to follow the directions here to setup the connection to your MySQL database:


Once you have done so, we can start:


EXPORTING A DATABASE (Database backup)


1. Start up MySQL Workbench and make sure you're at the home page. Click the small "home" icon at the top left if you're not there.


2. Under SERVER ADMINISTRATION, select "New Server Instance"


3. Check the "Take Parameters from Existing Database connection" box and select the account you created in the write up above.


4. Click Next until you reach the remote management selection page and make sure that "Do not use remote management" is selected. Hit next again and type in your preferred server instance name. Click on Finish.


5. Double click the newly added server instance under Server Administration and login using your MySQL database credentials.


6. In the "Task and Object Browser" bar on the left, select "Data Export and Restore" which will load it into the right window.


7. Select the "Schema" with your database name in it (usually your username).


8. Under "Options," select "Export to Self-Contained File" and choose a directory to download it to. In the directory selection menu, make sure to type in the name of the file and append it with .sql


9. Click on "Start Export" at the bottom and you should be set.




1. To restore your database, simply go to the same "Data Export and Restore" page as above, then select "Import From Disk" at the top of the right window.


2. Select "Import from Self-Contained File" and select your .sql file that was exported from the EXPORT instructions.


3. Click on "Start Import" and it should start uploading the file.


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