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Getting Started / Create a MySQL Database

Getting Started with Web Hosting

We'll go over some steps on how to setup a quick website/script with this guide.

First thing you will want to do, make sure you have either one of our paid web hosting packages or submit a request via support ticket for our free subdomain web hosting service (under the domain). Once you have the login info and have everything setup (nameservers-not required with the free hosting, etc), you can begin here.


You will want to login to your cPanel account to familiarize yourself with the features that it provides, but the most important ones would be the MySQL Databases and the File Manager (or FTP if you wish to use that instead).


How the file directory structure works is everything in the "public_html" folder is accessible via the web. For example, if your hosting URL is and you have an index.html file in the public_html folder - you can access it simply by typing in (or into your browser. If you want it to be in a sub directory of your domain such as, then all you need to do is put the blog files into the "blog" folder inside of your public_html folder. Essentially, your URL is based on the directory structure of your public_html folder itself.


Most web scripts such as blogs (WordPress) and forums (phpBB) require a MySQL database, which you can create using the MySQL Database page. Note that this database should NOT be used for plugins on your Minecraft server under any circumstance, you will want to request for us to make a local database for your plugins instead).


To create a database for your web script, follow these steps:

1. Click on MySQL Databases in your cPanel

2. Type in a name for "New Database" (note that the database name is prefixed by your username) then click "Create Database." Make sure it describes what you intend to install on it (ex: if you want to use this database for phpBB, name it "forum" or "phpbb")

3. Fill in the "Username" info below that and type in a desired password (or use the password generator). Click "Create User" when done.

4. After both are added, you will see a "Add User To Database" section towards the bottom. You will want to select the username and database name to hook up to each other. You can have multiple databases under the same MySQL username.

5. Click on "Add" and you will be presented with a privileges page. Simply check the "ALL PRIVILEGES" (unless you want to limit privileges of your database - which is beyond the scope of this guide) check box and click "Make Changes."


At this point, your database and database username should be ready (save the info somewhere for safe keeping and so that it is ready to enter on the install page of your web script).

Installing WordPress

All that you need to do now is prepare your web script for installation. As stated at the top, the public_html folder is where your web folders should go. In this example, we'll be installing the WordPress blog software. Download the WordPress software here: . You should have a zip file with the 'wordpress' folder inside of it. Extract this folder and upload it to your public_html folder. Once it is all uploaded, rename the 'wordpress' folder on your web server to "blog"


You're already halfway done. Once the file is renamed, you can access the install page simply by navigating to your website's URL and appending the /blog at the end (ex: You should be presented with an installation page. Just fill in all the details as requested and when asked for the MySQL database info, simply enter in the info from the database you created earlier. That pretty much sums up the installation process for the WordPress web script which applies to just about everything else (with some changes here and there - you will need to read the instructions for what you are trying to install).


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