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How To Upload a Custom JAR File

You can easily upload your own JAR file by either using FTP or the web-based file manager in Multicraft.
1.  If you are using FTP then you will want to log into your server via FTP and upload your custom JAR file into the the "jar" directory
2.  Log into Multicraft
3.  Change the "JAR File" selection to the the exact name of the JAR file you uploaded
4.  Click the "SAVE"button and restart the server
5.  Click on "RESTART"
Multicraft File Manager:
1.  Log into Multicraft
2.  Go to Files > FTP File Access and log in
3.  Once you are in the file manager, click on the "jar" folder
4.  On the left navigation, click on "Upload"
5.  Under the section that says "Files to Upload" click on "Choose File" and browse for your file
6.  Hit "Submit" to upload the file
7.  Once completed, go back to the main Multicraft dashboard
8. Change the "JAR File" selection to the the exact name of the JAR file you uploaded
9.  Click the "SAVE"button and restart the server
10.  Click on "RESTART"

Note that some custom jar files will not register with MultiCraft correctly and will not show the server as 'Online' - it would appear to be constantly restarting on the main page of the panel, but the console would show that it has started up fine and you are able to join. There is a fix for this HERE

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