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How To Update Minecraft / CraftBukkit

Note: Vanilla (original, unmodified) servers do NOT work with plugins. Vanilla server builds are released by Mojang first, then the CraftBukkit version is released at a later time by the Bukkit team, so there is always a delay in when a CraftBukkit build is available after vanilla Minecraft is updated.
To update your server to the latest 1.8, simply login to your control panel and look for the "Vanilla 1.8" JAR file from the JAR File drop down menu, then click save at the bottom of the page, then restart your server. As there is no 1.8 build for CraftBukkit yet, that will not be possible to use at this time.

To update a vanilla Minecraft server, first navigate to the "jar" folder in your server's main directory and delete the "minecraft_server.jar" file.
Once deleted, select "Default Vanilla Minecraft" from the JAR File drop down selection menu in the control panel (if it isn't selected already), click on Save at the bottom of the page, and restart your server. It should now be updated to the latest version. If for some reason the control panel does not download an updated version, you can always download the minecraft_server.jar file from and upload it to your server's "jar" directory and select "Default Vanilla Minecraft" as before.
Alternatively, if available, you may be able to find an updated "Vanilla###.jar" file on the list and can use that instead without having to delete any existing JAR files.

To update CraftBukkit (or Spigot - a more performance oriented version of CraftBukkit created by a different developer), simply select a new build from the "JAR File" drop down selection menu in the control panel, then hit save at the bottom, and restart. If you wish to use a different updated build, you can download from Once downloaded, simply upload the file to your server's "jar" folder, then type in the name of the file you uploaded in the "JAR File" text box on your control panel, hit save at the bottom, then restart your server.
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