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How To Create and Restore a Server Backup

Create and Restore a Server Backup
It is recommended that you do backups of your server in case of data loss or griefing. We do not guarantee backups, so it is your responsibility to have your own backups and it is highly recommended that you periodically download copies of these backups to your computer as well to have a secondary backup.
Note: The Multicraft backup only backs up the main world on your server. To backup other files, please use a backup plugin instead (see this guide). Some example backup plugins are Simple Backup and EasyBackup.
1. Login to the Multicraft control panel then click on "Files > Backup" on the left bar.
2. Click on the "Start" button to start the backup.
It is recommended to monitor your disk space before running the backup. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you have an equal or more amount of free disk space as your used disk space before starting the backup. It is always recommended to keep a copy of your backup .zip file on your computer for redundancy, so use an FTP program such as FileZilla, CyberDuck, or WinSCP, to download the file to your computer. Delete the backup files from your server once in a while to free up disk space as well.

There is a limit of 3 backup files per server. Once you have reached this amount of backup files, all future backups will overwrite the oldest backup file.
To restore your backup file, just do the following:
You need to prepare your files for the restore first. You will either want to move all world files in your server to an empty directory (i.e. make a new folder called "old_files", etc) or delete those files. The restore will overwrite any existing files, which is not ideal as it may not restore properly as a result. Make sure you have enough disk space for the restore.
1. Login to the Multicraft control panel then click on "Files > Backup" on the left bar.
2. Click on the "Restore" button on the left bar.
3. Select the backup file you want to restore.
Note: Since the backup does not backup plugins and various other files, it is recommended that you manually back those up by downloading them to your computer via FTP. You can also skip the Multicraft backup feature completely and simply use a backup plugin which can be found at
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