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Bungee Cord Install

# Written by a contributing customer. Thanks!
# Note: Bungee Cord is recommended to be used with a VPS or dedicated server only. Usage with control panel based systems may not allow for all features to be used.
Before attempting to use Bungee Cord, you must know that it takes at least four servers to make it useful otherwise it is just more for your users to do to get to one server.
The way Bungee Cord works is that you have a backend server that run Bungee Cord and nothing else. This server cannot be used as a Minecraft server itself as it simply acts as the proxy/backend.
You can choose to have a hub server with all the server portals in or you can just have portals in every server.
Minimum amount of Minecraft servers that users can play on should be two. You can then have as many more as you like.
Once you have your servers ready, now it's time to get Bungee Cord. You can get it here: http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/bungeecord.392/
Upload BungeeCord.jar to /RootDirectory/jar/
Change your jar file in Multicraft to BungeeCord.jar.
Run your server, it will say it is listening on It will not work like this.
It will generate a config.yml in your root directory. Open that up and you will see something like this: http://pastebin.com/WQFL1Lh9
You can change max_players to number you want.
The "host" setting must be the IP assigned to your particular server.
Change the MOTD to whatever you like.
Go to the "servers" section, here you will input the name of your servers and their IP:Port.
The default server is "lobby" (also called the hub in some cases), which is the server you'll join by default when connecting to the BungeeCord proxy server. Just enter the address for this server in the address box.
To add additional servers, simply copy the server name, address, restricted, and motd lines for each server you wish to add (making sure to keep the spaces the same as the lobby server entry so that it remains YAML compliant) and paste them below the lobby server entry.
tab_list means what will show up in the tab menu. GLOBAL_PING means it will show the player list from all servers connected to the Bungee Server.
You can change it to "SERVER" which will make the tab show up for the server you are connected to.
One major part of Bungee Cord is that you must change all of your to online-mode: false in your server.properties.
This does not mean that offline players can join since BungeeCord will authenticate the user. This does mean though, that you cannot give out the IP for any of your servers on the network. You can only give out the Bungee server IP otherwise they will not be authenticated and can login on non premium accounts.
Make sure online_mode: true is in the Bungee Cord config.
There is now a solution to disallow users from joining servers in your BungeeCord network directly via this plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/onlyproxyjoin/
Even with permissions and OP, nobody can use the admin commands for BungeeCord; you must add players specifically to the groups.
In the default config, it shows md_5: you replace that with your name and leave 'admin' where it is. Just copy this for each player you'd like to have admin commands.
Now go back to 'default_server'. Change this to the server you want people to go to when they first join. If you wanted them to join the hub server first, then replace lobby with hub.
Congratulations! You have successfully made a Bungee Cord server!
However, it will not work just like this. You need a plugin that works with Bungee Cord to teleport you through to each server.
We recommend the plugin "Janus". It is very easy to use and can be setup in five minutes.
Download the plugin from the Spigot page which is located the the Bungee Cord thread. Put it onto all of your servers apart from the Bungee Cord server.
Next, build a nether portal (NOTE: You must have Nether disabled on all servers to do this.) and put a sign on the portal. 
Use this format:
You must not capitalize any of the letters on the signs!
You must make a corresponding portal on the other server that will connect back to the other server.
Once you have done that, you are done!

You can find additional Bukkit plugins for BungeeCord here: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/categories/bungee-bukkit.2/
If you need to restart the Bungee server, you must go into any of the servers and do /end, then stop the Bungee server from Multicraft.
If you do not do /end you will not be able to stop the Bungee server safely.

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