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How To Add A Sub User

The Multicraft control panel allows for sub users/additional users to gain access to your server(s) that you want to have permission to manage or use FTP.
To add such users, first have them register at using their desired information. Note: There will be no confirmation email after they register.

Once they have their account created, you can allow them to access any of your servers by going to the Advanced > Users menu on the left bar, then search for their username in the blank text box on that page.

The roles you can give them are as follows:

-No Access
-Guest (Allows them to see the server in their list all they can do is see who's online)
-User (Allow them to use the Chat interface)
-Moderator (Allows them to read the Console and Chat)
-Administrator (Allows them to to everything you can do)

Plus a separate option for their FTP access (requires Administrator role):

-No Access
-Read Access (They can look in the ftp but make no changes)
-Full Access (Allows them to make changes, upload and download files)

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