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Server Offline / Loading Icon

For certain builds of server jars that you upload as a custom jar the Multicraft control panel may not be able to detect your server properly, thus causing it to show the blue rotating loading icon instead of the round green icon. This can also occur if a particular JAR file has been removed from the JAR selection list (due to it being outdated, buggy, etc).
The quickest fix to this is to simply make sure you are using a JAR file from the JAR list in the Multicraft control panel - in this case the 'Custom Server JAR' option.

Otherwise, the console must be relied on to check server status. You should still be able to join your server if it is confirmed to be online via your console.
To stop your server when this icon is displayed, simply click the "Stop" button in your control panel and wait a few seconds (up to a minute). In some cases, it may be required to click the button a few times for it to register properly (then wait a few seconds).

A workaround is also possible in such cases. The following steps will detail on how to do so and get the panel to register the server as online correctly:

1. Note the name of the JAR file that is currently entered into the JAR File text box in the Multicraft control panel (You will need this for step 5).
2. Select the 'Custom Server JAR' option in the JAR File dropdown menu then click save at the bottom of the page.
3. Access your server via FTP (either via the web FTP or an FTP program).
4. Navigate to the "jar" folder on your server and find the JAR filename you noted in step 1.
5. Rename that JAR file to 'custom_server.jar' (note that this must be exact - no capitals etc...).
6. Restart your server and it should be detected as online properly.
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